How To Transfer Tesla Ownership


How To Transfer Tesla Ownership

If you recently purchased a used Tesla, you may wonder how to transfer ownership.

The first thing to realize is that changing ownership of a Tesla is similar to changing ownership of any other vehicle. The only difference is access to the car via the app.

Of course, this is a significant difference because it controls many of the car’s functions and is something you should do as soon as possible.

There are three options for purchasing a used Tesla. You can buy a used and checked vehicle (a so-called CPO) directly from Tesla online, or you can buy a used vehicle that is taken over privately by the previous owner or a dealer without Tesla’s involvement.

Where Did You Buy The Used Tesla?

This process can be either simple or time-consuming, depending on where you purchased your used Tesla.

Tesla sells used vehicles and handles all of the details for you. All you have to do is ask them to add the Tesla vehicle to your Tesla App on your mobile device.

It might be similar if you buy it from a dealer, as they are more likely to know what they are doing.

Although the Tesla website shows you how to do this, I will show you how below.

How To Change Ownership of a Tesla

If you recently bought a used Tesla privately, you or the previous owner should do the following to transfer ownership on the Tesla App and claim ownership of the car.

  • The previous owner will need to: Perform a Factory Reset to erase all of their account information and data.
  • Remove the Tesla vehicle from the Tesla App.

The new owner will need to:

  • Create a Tesla account.
  • Download the Tesla App  (Apple / Google Play)
  • Login to their Tesla Account on the App
  • Scroll down to “Purchased a car from a third-party?” on the dashboard and click Select Add.
  • Fill out the form and attach the necessary ownership documentation.

Note: Depending on the state of the vehicle’s ownership with Tesla, the transfer process may be completed immediately or may take some time.

Can I remove a vehicle from my Tesla Account?

Yes. Follow the steps below to remove a car from your Tesla Account. Please keep in mind that Supercharging credits, upgrades, and some other features may not be transferable if you transfer ownership. Following the removal, you can find your previous ownership documents, lease/loan documents, and receipts in the ‘Previously Owned’ section of your Tesla Account.

To remove a car from your account, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your Tesla Account.
  • Choose ‘Manage’ next to the vehicle you want to transfer or remove.
  • Scroll down and select ‘Remove Car.’
  • Submit the buyer’s information if you’re transferring to them. Otherwise, click ‘Skip this Step.’
  • Submit your removal request.
  • You will be emailed and asked to approve the removal request. The removal will be final once you accept.

Process Involved when buying a used car directly from Tesla.

Tesla’s website lists all available used vehicles. Under certain conditions, a vehicle can also be purchased from Tesla outside of the United States by paying the applicable local VAT. Regrettably, the buyer must pick the car up in another country. Tesla inspects and overhauls all CPO vehicles and provides a warranty. However, they are usually slightly more expensive than vehicles purchased from private sellers.

Anyone who purchases a used vehicle from Tesla online must pay a non-refundable deposit of 100 EUR/USD. Following that, you will receive an email with a status report on this vehicle. This report is said to be very detailed. Tesla keeps everything in it in terms of details and scratches so that buyers don’t have paint damage repaired later, which would cost the used car warranty, which was already present at the time of purchase. If you haven’t done a test drive, you have 7 days, or 1,600 km, to return the car.

Checking the vehicle history before purchasing a used Tesla can help you avoid costly problems. You will receive your vehicle report for the vehicle as soon as you enter the chassis number (VIN).

Process Involved when buying a Tesla from a private person or a dealer.

There are special features involved when purchasing a Tesla from a private person or a dealer. If the owner sells the vehicle, things to consider include: deregistration with the insurance company and the registration office, resetting the data in the vehicle, handing over the Tesla App, company car VAT refund, vehicle tax (even if it is zero), and so on.

The following sequence must be followed:

  • The conclusion of a new car insurance policy.
  • The new owner purchases the vehicle and takes possession of all paperwork.
  • Resetting the vehicle to factory settings deletes all personal data, such as driver profiles, Spotify playlists, navigation destinations, or Homelink garage door accesses.
  • The vehicle is removed from the former owner’s Tesla Account. (In the account, go to “Manage” and then “Remove this vehicle from your account.”)
  • Reregister your vehicle with the car registration office.
  • If the new owner does not already have an account on, he creates one.
  • The new owner registers the vehicle on (Select “Account” and then “Add a vehicle to your account”). The following documents are needed for this purpose and can be uploaded digitally:
  • Copy of driving license
  • Copy of proof of ownership or approval
  • Chassis number (VIN)

The vehicle should appear in the new owner’s account within a few days. During this time, Tesla should also enable app access (NOTE: In the vehicle, app access must be enabled in the settings under “Security”). The app will not be deactivated on the previous owner’s phone, but the vehicle will be removed from the app and account.


Now you know how to transfer the ownership of a recently bought used Tesla. You also know the processes involved now, regardless of whether you bought it from Tesla directly or from a private seller.