How To Open A Tesla Door

Tesla doors are electrically powered. When you go near a Tesla car (especially the model X) carrying a key, the doors will automatically unlock. You can also open the front door from the outside by pressing the door handle.

To set the driver’s door to open automatically upon your approach, select Touch Controls > Locks > Automatic Doors. Once this setting is on, you will be able to open the driver’s door by double-clicking the lock/unlock button on the key fob. Another double-click will open the front passenger door.

You can also set the car to unlock only the driver’s door by touching Controls > Locks > Driver Door Unlock Mode.

How to Open the Door of A Tesla From The Inside

To open a Tesla front door from the inside, press the button at the top of the interior door handle and push the door open. The door partially opens between 45° and 20° depending on obstacles detected by sensors.

By default, the electrically powered doors of a Tesla will stop moving if an obstacle is detected. 

It’s important to make sure there are no obstructions in the area around the door before allowing an automated feature to open or close a front door (rather than doing so manually) (such as people and objects). You must actively monitor the door’s movement to ensure that it does not collide with anyone or anything. Failure to do so can lead to property damage or serious injury.

You can also use the touchscreen to open and close doors inside the Tesla. Touch (Controls > Locks), then select the door to open or close. Furthermore, the driver’s door closes automatically when you press the brake pedal.


How to Close The Door of Tesla From The Inside

You can close doors from the outside by doing the following:

  • Close them manually.
  • Single-click or triple-click the key fob’s lock/unlock button (if the Close All with Key Fob setting is enabled, only a single click is required to close all doors and trunks; if the setting is disabled, a triple-click is required).


How To Manually Open A Tesla Door In Case Of An Emergency

If your Tesla has been in an accident or has been damaged, the electronic door release may not work properly.

Tesla vehicles operate much more like modern technology than traditional vehicles, though manual control is still required at times. In an emergency, the Tesla door can be physically opened without delay or reliance on any digital controls. This is significant because the electronic controls may be damaged or lose power.

Despite Tesla’s sophisticated safety features and intelligent design, there may be times when the user will want to manually open the door. If something goes wrong and the car loses power, the electronic button on the inside that opens the door will be unable to use motors to activate the door latch. In this case, the occupants can use the manual release located in front of the window switches. To open the front doors, lift the lever up and back. There is no manual control for the rear doors, so occupants would have to climb over and out if the car ran out of power completely.

Tesla recommends using the manual door release only if the button that opens the door electronically is not working.

Electric vehicles are not a novel concept. The first electric cars appeared in the early 1800s and were referred to as horseless carriages because the electric motor replaced a horse but otherwise had the same design. Modern electric vehicles strive to differentiate themselves from their gasoline-powered counterparts, and a Tesla is more computerized than others, with a large touchscreen at the center of the experience and remote control via a mobile app.


The Outside Door Controls of a Tesla

Instead of traditional vehicles’ protruding handles, Tesla uses clever and aerodynamic exterior door handles that lie flush with the body. To open the doors from the outside, simply press your thumb inward at the back of the handle. The front pivots out, allowing the hand to grip and pull the door open. While ice buildup in winter conditions can make operating the Tesla’s handle difficult, there are simple solutions.

A gentle tap with the edge of the hand may be enough to break the ice. Tesla observes that the amount of force used should be comparable to knocking on a door. Dents can be caused by striking the door panel too hard. A little WD-40 on the door handle pivot pins can prevent this from happening and is a good idea. 


In summary, this article has covered the simple steps involved in How To Open A Tesla Door and How To Manually Open a Tesla Door In Case Of An Emergency.

Knowing how to exit a Tesla in an emergency is critical, and getting inside may be just as important in the winter.