When top-tier dirt bikes are being discussed nowadays, the list would be incomplete without the 2022 Honda CRF250R. It is widely acknowledged that the 2022 Honda CRF250R is one of the most capable dirt bikes and a genuine game-changer. This is because it boasts significant advancements over the motorcycles in Honda’s collection from its prior generations.

It comes with some of the most remarkable new features, which put it at an advantage over its competitors. I am talking about major automobile inventory that improves engineering, technology, performance, comfort, handling, etc.


  • Nine-Plate Clutch Assembly
  • Downdraft Intake and Exhaust Layout
  • Single-Muffler Exhaust System
  • Revised Frame Rigidity
  • Showaⓡ Spring Fork
  • HRC Launch Control
  • Electric Start
  • Engine Mode Select Button
  • Shared Engine/Gearbox Lubrication
  • Short Swingarm
  • More Midrange Torque and PoIr
  • Titanium Fuel Tank
  • Fuel Injection System
  • Big Bore/Short Stroke
  • Black Rims
  • Lower Seat/Narrower Body


The fact that the CRF250R comes equipped with all of these characteristics makes it an essential purchase for every racer. In this section, I will provide you with an in-depth look at the technical specifications and features of this timeless bike, as well as relevant evaluations, and I will provide answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the characteristics of this bike that make it a genuine work of art.

I started with the CRF250R features because:

1) I couldn’t hold in the excitement.

2) In my opinion— which I believe conforms to that of every other owner who has ridden this bike—the features are what sets it apart from the other options.


However, before I get into that, let’s take a brief ride into the history of the CRF250R bike so that you have some context for what I am going to talk about.



The Honda CRF series features a set of four-stroke motocross, trail, and dual-sport motorcycles that Honda manufactures and sells. Honda introduced the CRF series in 2000 to complement the Honda CR series.


Full-sized motocross bikes are built with liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke engines ranging in displacement from 149 to 449 cc (9.1 to 449 cu in.) (27.4 cu in.)


The CRF250R is the most formidable, durable, and competitive 249.4cc racing bike that Honda has produced. Due to significant work that was done to the engine of this motorcycle, it now possesses an incredible amount of power and torque both at low and mid-range revs.


This year’s Honda CRF250R was designed to improve the engine by making it lighter, stronger, and faster. Considering Honda wanted to become a legitimate rival in the 250 motocross class of dirt bikes, the company decided to lower the total number of bolts used to couple the body pieces together from 12 to 8. This was done so the company could shed some insight and add more power to its step-up. It appears to be similar to the CRF450 and shares many of its capabilities, but it comes with significant enhancements.


When it comes to the 250 class, horsepower is everything. The amount of horsepower an automobile possesses determines the riding experience. However, anyone who has ever ridden a motorcycle on a race track knows that there is much more to it. The location of the power generator on your bike plays a significant role in determining how much power it is capable of potentially releasing.


The 2022 Honda CRFR250R race bike is groundbreaking in this regard as well. Let’s take a quick ride through some of its features and specifications.


Honda CRF250R Specifications and Features

  • Nine-Plate Clutch Assembly: Clutch fade is a thing of the past thanks to the nine-plate clutch design that comes standard on the CRF250R. This design improves both reliability and hook-up. This means there will be less slippage at maximum horsepower, greater torque transmission through the clutch pack, and increased durability. A positive feature is that the clutch pull is light and provides a satisfying sense of engagement.
  • Downdraft Intake and Exhaust Layout: The DOHC (Dual Overhead Camshaft) cylinder head design on the Honda CRF250R gives the bike a more streamlined appearance by aligning the intake and exhaust tracts. As a direct result of the intake being condensed and nearly perfectly vertical, the exhaust system functions more efficiently. Low and mid-range torque is increased thanks to the redesigned ports and improved throttle response.

In addition, the fuel injector is positioned at an angle of 60° and is incorporated into the framework of the CRF250R motorcycle. The primary purpose of the fuel injector is to atomize fuel and spray it onto the throttle butterfly. This means the engine will run at a cooler temperature, and the fuel charge will be denser, resulting in more power and improved torque. The Honda CRF250R now ranks at the forefront after receiving upgrades such as:

  • Single-Muffler Exhaust System: For superior rider ergonomics and low overall light, the muffler was constructed using a design made of pressed alloy. The CRF250R only has a single exhaust system consisting of a single muffler and a single pipe header. It begins at the back of the bike and extends to the middle. Its general lightweight construction also contributes to its balanced distribution of weight. Additionally, it gives you more freedom of movement while riding the bike, which is very helpful during a flip.
  • Revised Frame Rigidity: The chassis of the 2022 CRF250R has undergone significant modifications. It weighs only 229lbs (104kg), which is a significant reduction from earlier models and represents a 50% improvement in terms of portability. According to Honda, the weight of the 2022 CRF250R was reduced by 8lbs (3.6kg) compared to the model from the previous year.

By reducing the width of the primary spars, it is possible to conserve the bike’s weight while maintaining a body structure that is adaptable and easy to ride. However, the most significant aspect is that it makes the chassis more responsive by adjusting the lateral rigidity to suit a bike that can enter, navigate, and exit turns.

  • ShowaⓇ Spring Fork: A standard spring design is utilized in the ShowaⓇ fork, which contributes to the CRF250R’s improved front-end precision, handling, and overall feel. The 39mm piston and 25mm rod diameter create a classic feel and supple motion. The revised suspension design lets you completely control your bike while also ensuring that you stay connected to it.
  • HRC Launch Control: Simply pressing the button on the handle, keeping the throttle wide open, and letting go of the clutch are all required to select a riding mode. The CRF250 will take care of the rest, launching you into the first corner with a significant advantage. This transforms your bike into a real-life holeshot-seeking machine.
  • Electric Start: Getting started with the CRF250R 2022 is easy, thanks to its electric starter. It only requires the push of a button to get your bike moving again after it has become stuck during a heated race, making it the ideal solution for getting your bike moving again after it stalled.
  • Engine Mode Select Button: The buttons on the handlebar allow you to switch between the power functions of the engine at the push of a button. You can choose between standard, smooth, or aggressive engine performance, depending on the conditions of the track (of course) and your preference.
  • Shared Engine/Gearbox Lubrication: The engine and the transmission of the CRF250R share the same oiling system. Since combining the two systems helps to reduce overall weight and makes the engine more compact in terms of functionality, particularly when the right-side cam drive and the clutch are located near one another.
  • Short Swingarm: The short swingarm not only contributes to the overall lightness of the bike but also assists in reducing unsprung mass and enhancing rear-wheel traction. The low rear shock, located on the back frame, contributes to the bike’s sturdy chassis and helps maintain the bike’s center of gravity.
  • More Midrange Torque and Power: One guaranteed way to enjoy every journey you take on this bike is to ensure that the CRF250R stays within the powerband’s parameters. The cam has been redesigned, the valve timing has been improved, an innovative press-fit cam sprocket has been included, and the ignition timing has been made more exact. You can find all these features on the 2022 CRF250R. These attachments boost the power and torque in the mid-range, giving you the unfair advantage.
  • Titanium Fuel Tank: Titanium was chosen to construct the fuel tank of the Honda CRF250R since weight is of the utmost importance in the 250 class, and engineering could not spare a single gram. It is not only lightweight, durable, and long-lasting but also thinner than the plastic units used in earlier generations, which liberates more space and centralizes the fuel mass.


Honda CRF250R Maximum Speed

When it comes to racers that are prepared to go the distance, the Honda CRF250R is an unstoppable beast on wheels and an undeniable victor. The factory gearing on this bike allows it to reach a top speed of 67 mph, and its maximum power output is 39HP. You can, however, easily achieve speeds of up to 100 mph by adjusting the gearing.


The engine provides a consistent distribution of power, which hits the sweet spot for accommodating a wide variety of rider experiences out on the track. Its brand-new fuel-injected engine is more reliable, has a lower fuel consumption rate, and substantially increases power and torque.

Some owners have commented that the Honda CRF250R is a fantastic bike. Compared to the other 250s and 450s that they have ridden, it has the best cornering ability of any motorcycle on the market today, hands down.

Because when you come into curves and steep turns, the bike lays over for you; all you have to do is let off the gas, allow your momentum carry you through, and the bike will do what you want it to do without any difficulty.

Everything about riding a sport bike is a thrill: it’s visceral, it’s in your soul, the ability to accelerate out of twists and corners, the acceleration etc. Additionally, the CRF250R’s modest weight makes it unlikely that the rider’s weight will prevent it from reaching its top speed.


Considering everything that has been stated about the CRF250R, surely there is potential for improvement. Here are some tips on how to improve and have more fun riding your CRF250R!


How to Increase the Honda CRF250R’s Speed?

The performance of the 2022 Honda CRF250R needs very little, if any, additional tuning because it already comes equipped with several significant upgrades that the manufacturer implements. This makes it a turnkey product. In any case, because the modifications are so sensitive, even minor adjustments have the potential to have a significant impact on the bike.


These recommendations come from veterans and experts who bike, but they apply to riders of all skill levels, including beginners and intermediates. Therefore, without further ado, let’s look at some modifications you can make to the CRF250R dirt bike to rev it up and have more fun riding it!


Showa spring fork: The 2022 CRF250R’s forks have been said to be stiff, therefore, decreasing the fork oil height in stages until it reaches 20cc makes the bike much easier to spin and softens the start of the stroke. However, for serious racing, I advise using the 2022 CRF250 fork setup recommended by MXA (Stock settings are in parenthesis):

  • Spring rate:8 N/mm
  • Fork-leg height: 5mm
  • Compression: 7 clicks out (12 clicks out)
  • Rebound: 11 clicks out (13 clicks out)


Note: Showa forks are sensitive to clicks. So, keep in mind that any modifications you make to the front will affect the rear and vice versa.


Showa spring settings: The default settings of the shock worked well for the vast majority of riders. However, depending on the rider’s weight, you can modify the high-speed compression to drop or raise the ride height while it is moving. These are the MXA’s recommended shock settings for the 2022 CRF250 for hard-core racing (the factory settings are shown between parentheses):

  • Spring rate: 50 N/mm
  • Race sag: 105mm
  • Hi-compression: 2-1/4 turns out (2-1/6 turns out)
  • Lo-compression: 6 clicks out
  • Rebound: 9 clicks out (11 clicks out).

Note: The spring rate is lower than last year. So, if you weigh roughly 200lbs (91kg), a 52 N/mm spring could be suitable. However, before touching the shock, you must send your forks to your preferred suspension shop. Remember that the bike is quite sensitive to little modifications.


Honda CRF250R- Pros and Cons:


  • Good Ergonomics/Single Muffler System.
  • Powerful Engine.


  • Not beginner friendly.



The 2022 CRF250R makes you feel like you are unstoppable. It’s a no-brainer for riders who are ready to go. It’s light, has a powerful engine, and uses conventional mechanics.

I’ve gone a long way on this bike, and that’s just the beginning. Words alone can’t describe what it’s like to ride this bike. It is a true work of art. A bike made for winners and winners only.

Prepared to ride and win. If you’re thinking about getting one, I can guarantee this is the best bike and won’t let you down in a race. Honda said the new 2022 CRF250R is the strongest they have ever made.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the top speed of the CRF250R?

The 2022 CRF250R has a top speed of 67 mph in stock gearing and a maximum power output of 39HP. However, if you adjust the gearing, you can quickly get up to 100mph.


What are the modes on a CRF250R?

The Engine Mode Select Button (EMSB) modifies the engine’s characteristics, with three maps available to fit riding conditions or rider preference: Mode 1 (Standard), Mode 2 (Smooth), and Mode 3 (Aggressive).


Is the CRF250R electric start?

The CRF250R features an easy-to-use electric starter. Convenient and lightweight, it is crucial if you need to restart a stalled bike in a race.


When did CRF250R go fuel Injected?

  1. It was first featured in the CRF450R series and is now in the CRF250R.


How much is a Honda CRF 250?



How much HP does a CRF250R 2022 have?

37.6 hp

The ’22 CRF250R produces 37.6 horsepower and 18.1 pound-feet of torque, which is 1.4 horsepower and 0.7 pound-feet less than the ’21 model. However, the new-generation motorcycle’s engine performs better on the track, which matters most.