Beginner-Friendly Dirt Bikes for Adults That Are Cheap and Reliable

Beginner-Friendly Dirt Bikes for Adults That Are Cheap and Reliable

Looking for the most reliable and affordable dirt bikes for adults? If you’re on a tight budget but still want a high-quality motorbike, I’d like to show you the best starting dirt bikes for adults and motocross bikes that are both cheap and reliable.

If you want an affordable first dirt bike, you’ll have to buy secondhand, so look for a used bike in good condition. I’ll also provide some pointers to help you save time and money.

What type of dirt bike are you looking for?

You must first decide the kind of dirt bike you want based on the style of riding you intend to undertake.

The four major categories of dirt bikes are as follows:

  1. Trail bike – less expensive, more dependable, ideal for beginners and casual trail riding.
  2. Dual sport bike – dependable, suitable for both on and off-road riding.
  3. Motocross bike – best for racing on motocross tracks, mainly for experienced riders. It is used for high performance and requires more maintenance.
  4. Enduro bike: it is a high-performance trail bike designed for experienced riders.

What is the best size Dirt bike for adults?

When it comes to having fun and staying safe, the seat height and engine size can make a great difference, especially if you’re just starting out. A low enough seat height will offer you more confidence because you’ll be able to touch the ground with your foot, though this won’t matter if you’re an experienced rider. After all, a veteran rider would have already mastered balance.

What is a Full-Size Dirt Bike?

Simply put, a full-size dirt bike is an off-road motorbike with full-size wheels, which measure 21 inches in the front and 19-18 inches in the back. This provides a considerable handling advantage over a dirt bike with smaller wheels since larger wheels have better handling on rugged terrains.

The only issue with a full-size dirt bike is that bigger wheels mean a higher seat height, which might be a problem for short people. Naturally, this makes it more difficult to touch the ground, but this is why most manufacturers have released trail dirt bikes with lower seat height while still using full-size wheels to help riders benefit from the improved trail handling.

2 stroke versus 4 stroke for adult beginners

With improved enduro models, two-stroke dirt bikes have become much simpler in the last decade, but I still won’t suggest them if you’re new to dirt biking. They can be tough to control for beginners because they have a lot of power for their size.

If you’re just starting out, I recommend going with a less expensive air-cooled four-stroke trail bike. An air-cooled engine produces more consistent and smooth power, making it easy to ride while learning. It’s also easy to maintain.

The TTR125 and the XR200 are dirt bikes that are the most affordable for beginners. If you’re a short adult, the TTR125 is an excellent choice. The XR200 suits most adults, but several other options can also be good cheap off-road bikes.

Best Dirt Bikes for Adults

Some people prefer to skip right to a 300 2-stroke or 450 4-stroke because they think they can manage the power. As an adult, I always recommend starting with a dirt bike in the 125cc-250cc size category, but it also depends on your height, weight, and bike style.

Below is a list of different categories of bikes to help you make a choice that is suitable for you.

List of cheap starter dirt bikes for adult beginners

Looking for a cheap dirt bike to begin your dirt biking journey? Look no further; the following affordable bikes are best for beginners.

  • Honda XR250
  • Honda XR200
  • Yamaha TTR230

List of cheap small dirt bikes for adults

The following are affordable bikes that would fit any adult on a budget.

  • Kawasaki KLX125
  • Honda XR100
  • Suzuki DRZ125
  • Yamaha TTR125 

Most affordable motocross bikes for adults

If you’re looking to try competitive bike challenges like Motocross but are on a budget, the following bikes would be able to provide all you need at an affordable rate.

  • Yamaha YZ125
  • Yamaha YZ250F
  • Yamaha YZ250

List of cheap Enduro bikes

Maybe you’re a veteran rider searching for a cheap way to get back into dirt riding after taking some time off. The following back would be ideal for you.

  • Kawasaki KLX300R
  • Kawasaki KDX 200
  • KTM 200 EXC

How to get an affordable used dirt bike

First, you should know that getting a decent bargain on a cheap dirt bike may take a while. You might be able to find one within a week. If you’re seeking a specific brand and model bike, you might have to wait months.

Knowing whether or not the bike has been well managed will give you the best opportunity of buying it for a low price. Knowing what to look for is just half the struggle.

 Things to look out for when buying a used dirt bike

  • Air filter – is it clean, dirty, or falling apart?
  • Oil level– inspect the oil quality and level.
  • Coolant level – if it’s liquid-cooled with radiators
  • Overall appearance and cleanliness – are any bolts missing or mismatched?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dirt bikes under $1,000 worth it?

The main issue with cheap dirt bikes is that the build quality is inferior, and they are more difficult to fix/repair if something breaks or wears out.

The materials are inferior and less durable (thus the low price), and the assembly isn’t always good (loose or missing parts are common).

If you fall and break something, locating a dealer with a new part may be challenging. If you discover one, it may take a long time to arrive.

They’re useable and functional for the price, but don’t expect them to last as long as a name-brand dirt bike.

Why are enduro dirt bikes so expensive?

Enduro dirt bikes, in my opinion, are high-performance trail bikes. The Yamaha YZ250FX is an example. They are far more expensive than regular trail bikes because of the technology and R&D.

Since trail bikes don’t vary much over 5-10 years, dirt bike manufacturers don’t need to invest in new equipment to update them. This saves money and time.

Enduro motorbikes continue to improve as manufacturers devote time and money to testing and tuning them. This is why they are more expensive than a basic trail bike.


This article serves as referral tell-all guide on how to choose the best dirt bike that would suit your style of riding and some pointers to look at when purchasing a dirt bike, either brand new or used.