Yamaha TTR 125 Dirt Bike Review (Specs, Top Speed, and Features)

If you are one of the passionate enthusiasts of dirt biking and have decided to take on adventurous expedition on bike trails, then I have something special for you. If you’re looking for the most exhilarating experience possible, the Yamaha TTR 125 is your best bet.

Today, we will go over all the reasons why purchasing a Yamaha TTR 125 will be one of the smartest purchases you can make. Stay with me till the very end to find out everything there is to know about the TTR 125 top speed, specs, and review. Let’s ride!


Yamaha TTR 125 Dirt Bike Review

The Yamaha TTR 125 is regarded as one of the finest dirt bikes, particularly for teens or those in search of their first trail bike. Yamaha TTR 125 has gained enormous popularity among many riders since its launch in 2000.

When the Yamaha TTR 125 debuted, the market was dominated by XR100s. But everyone claims to be the boss, until the Big boss arrives. The Yamaha TTR 125 was the genuine deal in this case. The new phenomenon Yamaha TTR 125 was instantly a triumph, thanks to its dependable disc front brake and supple suspension. Furthermore, it possessed significantly greater power than its competitors.

The bike had a radical makeover in 2008 when the entire bodywork was redesigned. Handling became child’s play with the new frame! Turning is possible no matter where you are! These are some reasons why this bike is constantly in the news!

Yamaha TTR 125 Features and Specifications

You need to have a clear concept of the specifications and features of the bike you intend to buy. After reading this, you’ll have a clearer picture of what you to expect from the Yamaha TTR 125. This piece will also help you make a rational decision about whether or not the bike is appropriate for you. The following are some of the amazing of the TTR 125.

Impressive Engine Power

The engine is arguably the most important component of any motorbike, and this one has the best. The TTR 125 is powered by a 124cc four-stroke engine. It has sufficient power to perform admirably in off-road riding. The engine’s power is perfect for any class, from pro riders to beginners!

The four-stroke engine has a maximum RPM of 6500 and a peak torque of 9.0 Nm. This is pretty decent for a bike in this class.

Most riders who are just starting out make the mistake of believing that purchasing a bike with excessive power is the best option. The reality is quite different. When riding a bike with excessive power, you should apply caution. You will be relieved to know that the engine of the TTR 125 is exactly what you need to get started on your adventure as an off-road biker.

Nice Ergonomics

When it comes to ergonomics, the TTR 125 flaunts a satisfactory rating. It is, to some extent, the factor that makes this bike suitable for beginner riders.

First and foremost, the handle’s design and chassis provide a low center of gravity, allowing you to smoothly through twisty curves. The wheelbase is designed to  provide additional agility in narrow turning circles.

Furthermore, the seat height of this bike is 31 inches, which is the standard for most riders. Consequently,  riding this bike will be extremely comfortable for most riders. The weight is modest at only 200 pounds!

Unique Design

This bike’s outstanding bodywork was designed to pay homage to the renowned YZ motocross bike series, which was victorious in MXGP. When you ride something like this, you won’t simply gain power; you’ll also get the sensation of being a pro racer.

The side panels, fenders, and tank panels have all been built using long-lasting materials to achieve improved control in challenging circumstances. This bike is well suited to handle anything that comes its way, from smooth trail to challenging paths.

Reliable Brakes

Anything could be in your path while riding, so your life depends on the quality of your braking system. Your brakes ought to be dependable! The TTR 125 has a drum brake installed on both the front and rear parts of the vehicle.

This bike’s braking system provides you with enough stopping power in any situation. Check to ensure the brakes aren’t coated with foreign substances like oils or lubricants. Conduct routine inspections on the brakes to make sure they are not worn out. Your safety can be assured with little maintenance like these.

Yamaha TTR 125 Max Speed

Its top speed will make it clear that the Yamaha TTR 125 is not a speedster. But keep in mind that the speed in this range is quite impressive. According to user feedback and my experience, the top speed of the TTR 125 is between 72 and 88 KM per hour (45-55 MPH).

It is common knowledge that a trail bike or dirt bike’s speed is not the most important factor to consider when evaluating how well it performs off-road as a measure of its overall efficiency. However, there is a possibility that some individuals will give in to the urge to soar through the air while jumping over high trails.

The Yamaha TTR 125 not only has a respectable top speed, but it also has all of the other qualities that will make your ride more exciting! Therefore, the TTR 125 is ideal for you if you are looking for your first dirt bike that combines dependability, comfort, and durability all the way through.

How to Increase the Yamaha TTR 125 Top Speed

Even though dirt bikes aren’t meant to compete at high speeds in races, some riders are so aggressive that they come close to hurtling while riding off-road. I have some encouraging news for you if you count yourself among them.

You can improve the Top speed of your TTR 125, but it will cost you extra money. In the next section, I will show helpful hints and suggestions for increasing the maximum speed. Let’s ride!

  1. Tweak your Carburetor

Carburetor tweaking can significantly increase your bike’s speed. Tuning the carburetor will ensure a proper mixture, resulting in smoother performance. The best part is that adjusting the carburetor is easier than throttling full-body fuel injection systems.

If you are still dissatisfied after tweaking the carburetor, you can replace it. Fortunately, some pre-tuned performance carburetors are on the market, such as the FYIYI Carb Carburetor. These tuned carburetors can be used to replace the previous one.

  1. Make sure there is adequate fuel supply

This part relates to the carburetor section. It’s common knowledge that fuel is the primary energy source in dirt bikes. If you can ensure the correct fueling in your dirt bike your speed level will remain intact.

Again, you can either go for a top-grade carburetor or choose one of the cheap knockoffs. This will ensure a proper fuel supply. By fueling your bike, you can maximize the performance, in other words, the top speed.

  1. Go on a diet

Are you curious about the connection between losing weight and increasing your speed? Let me explain.

There is a close relationship between weight and speed than most of us realize. Technically, adding additional weight to a bike will result in a decrease in its overall performance. Because of this, it affects the mileage and maximum speed that your bike is capable of.

If two different riders ride the same bike, the one who weighs more will use up more power than the rider who weighs less. A bike will generate less speed when a heavier rider rides it.

  1. Change Tires

It is easy to slip while accelerating if your bike’s tires do not have proper tread. This TTR or other bikes with 125cc are not particularly heavy, but the absence of standard tread depth is common in them.

As you ride with worn-out tires, it will likely lose grip, and end up lowering the top speed. Check for wear on both tires and replace them if necessary.

  1. Install better Sprocket Mods

The right combination of front and rear sprockets can significantly enhance your TTR 125’s top speed and acceleration. To accomplish this, you must replace the factory sprockets with modified models.

What is the best combination? It would be best if you got a front sprocket with fewer teeth than the previous pair, but the rear sprocket should have more teeth. Updating the sprocket means adjusting the gear ratio of your bike.

A powerband controls every gear on a dirt bike. Changing the sprocket affects the powerband of the gear. However, increasing your bike’s sprockets will not increase horsepower.

Yamaha TTR 125 Pros and Cons


  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Large-diameter wheels
  • Powerful engine
  • Very Reliable
  • Increased durability
  • Very comfortable


  • Weak Suspension: This bike’s suspension system is not as gratifying as other models. It appears to be too pliable for aggressive riders and adults.
  • Low Speed: Although the top speed of 55mph isn’t awful for a dirt bike, it’s not for people who like a speedier ride.
  • Not Street legal: This may be bad news for you if you wish to ride your brand-new TTR 125 on pedestrian streets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Yamaha TTR 125 dirt bike dangerous?

Yamaha’s TTR 125 is a safer option, especially when compared to other aggressive off-road motorbikes. That is why this unit is best for young or beginner riders.

Does the TTR 125 have a clutch?

Yes. The TTR 125 comes standard with a Rekluse EXP 3.0 auto-clutch kit. This clutch type allows you to start the bike even if you don’t press the clutch lever.

How many gears does a Yamaha TTR 125 have?

The TTR 125 has a 5-speed manual transmission gear. To change gears, you must utilize the clutch.

Can I put YZ forks on my TT-R?

Yes, you can. However, if you want to purchase those parts from authorized dealers, it will be more expensive. Nevertheless, this option is smart because it guarantees that you will have a reliable inventory.

Conclusion On Yamaha TTR 125 Review

To restate, the Yamaha TTR 125 is, without a doubt, at the pinnacle of the pack when it comes to the most effective dirt bikes for beginners. This bike provides you with everything you require to get going, from dependable brakes to an engine with adequate power.

Despite this, you should not be misled into thinking that this bike is not appropriate for experienced riders. The Yamaha TTR 125 is also a fantastic choice for riders competing professionally. You could get the impression that you have less power, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have any fun!

That concludes our review of the TTR 125 top speed, specifications, and features. I  did my best to explain why you need a Yamaha TTR 125 in your garage, and I’m sure you’re already yearning for one! So, go get one and enjoy the experience.