Where is the spare tire on a mini cooper?


The Mini Cooper is a popular compact sports car that is valued all over the world. This is due to the car’s sporty appearance and excellent performance.  However, there is one thing that new drivers may find difficult at first. This involves the location of the Mini Cooper spare tire. So, in this article, I will show you how to find the Mini Cooper spare tire. Let’s ride!

Where Can You Find The Mini Cooper Spare Tire?

The Mini Cooper has a spare tire called the Micro Space Saver Tire, which is located beneath the rear of the vehicle. Only the sporty Mini Cooper S model lacks a spare tire, but it does come with run flat tires. This is due to the battery being relocated to the back to make space for the supercharger underneath the hood.

When a tire fails, the run flat tires will allow the car to travel up to 50 miles or so to a garage where it can be repaired. Furthermore, because run flat tires are made in unusual sizes, not every garage can carry them.

As a matter of fact, many people bought a set of non-runflat tires to improve tread wear and ride comfort.

Reverting to the Mini Cooper Spare tire. Mini Coopers have small dimensions, so the spare tire must be placed under the rear of the car, according to expert maintenance recommendations. To get to the spare tire, follow these steps:

  • Park your car in a well-lit, level, safe and traffic-free area.
  • Remove the trunk floor trim panel.
  • Take out the lowering handle and socket tool from the tool tray.
  • Remove the tool tray to gain access to the spare tire carrier securing assembly.
  • Using the socket tool, take out the cover securing nut.
  • Take off the cover. Take note of the carrier stud and the locking clip.
  • Connect the lowering handle to the carrier stud.
  • Lift the lowering tool and pinch the locking clip
  • Using the lowering handle, lower the spare tire carrier.
  • Remove the carrier tray and spare tire from under the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Mini Cooper Spare Tire?

A spare tire for a Mini Cooper will cost you between $185 and $250, depending on the size and vendor you choose.

Where is the spare tire on a Mini Cooper?

A Mini Cooper’s spare tire is located underneath the car and is accessible through the trunk floor panel.

How to get the spare tire off a Mini Cooper?

Simply open the trunk, remove the floor panel, and use the lowering mechanism to remove the spare tire from a Mini Cooper.

Can I go for non-runflat tires for a Mini Cooper?

You can! Use your original wheels, and your vehicle will drive better due to the unsprung weight loss. You will also have a more extensive selection of tire options for all types of driving, often at a lower cost.

Keep an emergency sealant kit in the car or stay within cell service range to call for assistance if necessary.

Is it okay to have run-flat tires and no spare in your car?

No, and this is for good reasons.

The distance you can travel on run-flat tires varies depending on the brand and application. I usually drive through areas with no services for hundreds of miles. I’d probably wreck the run-flat tire before I got somewhere where it could be repaired. I also drive late at night and on weekends, so if I made it a place where I could fix the tire, I might have to wait all night or all weekend.

There’s also the issue of tire pressure sensors failing. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t bother getting them fixed until the next time I need my tires changed. It is unusual for me not to have a tire pressure warning light on my truck within a few weeks of replacing my tires.

You can tell by the car’s handling when a regular tire goes flat. You might not notice with a run-flat. Since tire pressure sensors fail more often, I always have a low tire warning, and I may not notice that the run-flat tire is flat and drive too far and too fast, destroying the tire.

I also have a couple of cars that are too old to have tire pressure sensors. Again, this could result in you not noticing the flat tire and damaging it before you get it repaired.

Finally, changing a tire is so simple that I don’t see the point in buying run-flat tires. If I get a flat, I replace it in about 10 minutes and am back on the road for as long as I need to be at full highway speeds. It helps that most of my cars include a full-size spare tire. For the ones that don’t, I buy an aftermarket replacement and discard the mini-spare.


Now you know where to find the spare tire on a mini cooper.  It is under the rear of the car and requires little effort to remove. Run-flat tires are used in sporty Mini Cooper models, allowing you to travel up to 50 miles. However, run-flat tires are not readily available in many garages, so you must consider alternative solutions to ensure your safety in the area you frequently drive on.