Kawasaki KX100 Dirt Bike Review (Everything to Know)

The Kawasaki KX100 is the choice of younger riders that are enthusiastic about riding dirt bikes. This authentic bike will literally give you the feeling of riding in a real sports competition. Once you start the engine, you will definitely get the feeling that you are flying.

This beast has the ideal combination of power and a larger chassis suitable for rookie riders. In addition, this bike has a dependable engine and a lot of power, which is something that you should look for in every bike.

This article aims to further enlighten you on the superiority of this Kawasaki bike by reviewing the Top speed, specs, and features of the KX100. I’m confident that it will be worthwhile.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of this beast and find out everything there is to know about it in great detail.


Kawasaki KX100 Specifications and Features

Suppose you want to determine whether or not a bike can provide you with the benefits you’re seeking. In that case, you must become familiar with its specifications and characteristics before deciding. And this article helps you understand the features and specs so you can make a good choice.

The features are as follows:

  1. Engine

The engine is always the most important component. If the engine isn’t powerful enough, the bike won’t be able to provide the ideal adventures you’ve been looking for.

The KX100 model is powered by a 99cc two-stroke liquid micro-engine. It enables users to bridge the performance gap between minis and full-size motorbikes. This means anyone between 5’3” and 5’4” can ride it.

Furthermore, with a power boost, this two-wheeler can deliver instant and robust power everywhere you need it. Isn’t it amazing?

  1. Suspension

If you want a better riding experience with an improved control system, suspension is an absolute must. The KX100 features a 36 mm fork with an inverted cartridge, which provides the most adjustability possible for compression damping.

On the other hand, you will receive Uni-Tark suspension components in the back, providing you with 10.8 inches of travel. This substantiates the existence of the rear shock absorber. Therefore, you won’t have any problems riding on any surface you choose!

  1. Brakes

This sturdy bike is equipped with a brake that offers reliable stopping power. There will always be a 184mm pedal brake in the back half of the bike, and a 220mm pedal brake in the front part of the vehicle, providing you with progressive braking performance.

The true function of the pedal brakes is to reduce unsprung weight while maintaining a cool and clean environment for all brake pads. You can anticipate a solid sensation. I guarantee!

  1. Ergonomics

Your mind will be blown by how well the KX100 bike is designed to be operated. It includes 6 adjustable handlebar mounts with the ERGO-FIT. You will always be able to ride in the most comfortable position, regardless of where you are.

In addition, it’s larger seat measures 34.3 inches and is elevated 13.0 inches from the ground. This seat provides you with comfort as well as support at the same time.

Here are some extra specs and features of this bike to add to your list! They are as follows:

  • A big radiator is added to improve cooling performance.
  • Boost power is provided via scavenging port shapes.
  • The Nikasil-plated cylinder has been approved for increased durability.
  • The crankshaft resin lifts primary compression.
  • There is a bridge between the exhaust and intake ports that enables high seizure resistance.
  • The exhaust port window makes it simple to increase port velocity.
  • The carbon fiber with a 45-degree slant ensures flexibility.
  • This bike has large footpegs for excellent control.
  • For engine reactions, a super lightweight flywheel with earth magnets is used.
  • The KIPS technology adds increased torque and horsepower.
  • Simp-type valving is used for optimal damping.

Kawasaki KX100 Max Speed

If you want to travel faster via air, take an airplane; but if you want to win on the roads, go for the KX100. This is one of the many statements made about the KX100 by users.

The astonishing top speed at which this beast can go is, of course, the reason for this.

This two-wheeler has a top speed of between 60 and 70 miles per hour, which is a decent limit for its capabilities. It goes without saying that the restriction will change depending on various aspects, such as the direction and strength of the wind, the terrain, the state of the road, the elevation, and the level of maintenance. There are situations when the weight of the rider significantly impacts the speed component.

As a result, several users have discussed how they experienced speeds between 75 and 80 miles per hour, which explains why it varies from user to user.

The fact that the KX100 has six different gears to choose from is easily the most thrilling aspect of its top speed. You might already be aware of how crucial it is for the speed of your preferred motorbike to have several different gears to choose from.

Since it features an additional 5th and 6th gear, these gears are regarded as overdrive gears because they allow for high speeds while maintaining a low number of engine revolutions.

How to Increase the Kawasaki KX100 Top Speed

In this section, we will discuss several methods you can use to raise the maximum speed limit of your KX100 without having to spend a lot of money at the maintenance shops. However, these tips are only for individuals who have prior experience in the relevant industry or are familiar with motorbikes fundamentals. Go ahead and do it on your own if you are confident that you can handle it.

If you put these tips into practice on your bike, you should be able to increase its top speed by about 4-5 mph, provided the task is completed effectively. Let’s ride!

  1. Change the Gear Ratio

Changing your bike’s gear ratio will alter the number of rotations of the driveshaft per revolution of your bike’s wheel. It will work wonders, especially if you get a TLD for the bike.

Also, to speed up the quad, drop one tooth from the front 14T and go three teeth up from the 38T. And, if you’re curious about acceleration vs. top speed, try it in reverse.

All you have to do is go up to 15T in the front. That’s all!

  1. Change the Carburetor

To enhance the Top speed of the KX100, you need to change the carburetor. As we all know, the carburetor stores additional air and fuel for the bike.

Upgrading that space will be quite beneficial; it will allow you to reserve more fuel and air, and as a result, your bike’s horsepower will be increased. When the horsepower is improved, the highest speed limit will also increase!

The idea is to always buy carbs to ensure better fuel delivery, throttle response, and more power. Furthermore, never cut the springs of the acquired carbs, as this will not help to increase the speed limit!

There are other indications that the carburetor should be replaced. Examples are:

  • It has poor fuel economy.
  • The bike idles too quickly.
  • When you try to start it, it overflows.
  • At low speeds, the bike stalls.
  • Hesitates on increased load.

Take note of these issues, and replace the carb as soon as possible!

  1. Install Bog Bore Kits

A bog bore kit makes a significant difference; you may not notice it until you attach it to your bike, but it works wonders.

The larger your bore (oversized cylinder and piston), the more power your KX100 will have. It also produces large areas that allow for large valve openings, allowing more air and fuel into the cylinder.

A large bore with a short stroke can also increase engine revs while producing more horsepower. As a result, the speed limit will be increased!

  1. Check the Carb Needle

Always check the needle on your carb to see whether it is lifting. If it’s not elevating, clean it every day. Otherwise, the quad’s performance will be compromised, and riding speed will be limited.

Kawasaki KX100 Pros and Cons


  • Heavy-Duty Engine
  • Multiple Gears
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Wide Footpegs


  • Undersized Wheels: This one is easy to ride on any surface, but the way the wheels are set up could be changed. The tiny wheels will let you ride into the obstacles instead of flying over them. You can get used to this after a few rides, but it will take time.
  • Vague Manual: There is nothing in the instructions about how to set things up. And since it’s a dirt bike, getting it running right at first can be challenging. Some days it won’t do anything, and other days it will.
  • The Seats: Since It’s a dirt bike, you might think you’ll be standing most of the time, but if you like to go on long trail rides, the seats might not be very comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How good is KX100?

People who have been riding this bike for a long time say it’s the best one they’ve had in a long while. This is because it has a lot of torque and power. Plus, it can jump very high and move very fast.

How can I make KX100 faster?

A faster bike is required for a great riding experience; the kx100 can affirm that 100%. However, if you add more components, such as a cylinder, piston, or more fuel, your bike will surely fly.

What size carb is on KX100?

The KX100’s carb size is 28mm, making it quite adaptable. You can replace the needle from time to time to improve the speed.

How tall should you be to ride KX100?

When riding race motorbikes, height is important. To ride this bike comfortably, you must be between 5’3inches and 5’4inches tall.

Does KX100 have a battery?

Yes, it has. This beast comes with a 16V Antigravity Universal Lithium battery. It will provide you with lightweight ride sessions for a long time.


We have come to the end of our KX100 Top Speed, Specs, and Review article. I tried to summarize all of the relevant info about the KX100. Are you pumped to ride it? I’m sure you are.

However, you should always endeavor to boost the speed of your KX100. This makes your rides more fun and sports or races more effective to compete in.

Don’t forget about maintenance because the bike is your best friend. Always keep the parts clean and in check. You can do it at the end of each ride.

Best of luck!