The Jeep Quick Order Packages (Fully Explained)

In this article, I will discuss the numerous Jeep Quick Order packages currently available. People often get a little confused about this topic, and there isn’t much online information available about it either. After reading, the Jeep Quick Order packages will become a lot clearer.

What is a Jeep Quick Order Package?

The Jeep quick order packages are the foundational trim levels for the various models, each of which may be customized further with various available add-on packages. You can select the order package you desire directly from the manufacturing plant. You can place an order for the quick order package from a dealership or do it with Jeep directly.

When placing an order directly with the manufacturer, you should expect to wait for at least one to two months before receiving your car. When you finally get your brand-new Jeep, it won’t have any knocks or scratches from being driven as a test vehicle, so the wait may feel like it lasts forever, but some would argue that the wait is worth it.

For the Wrangler Unlimited Sport model, you can anticipate spending $34,000. The quick order package you select will determine how much of an additional cost you will incur in addition to that pricing. The additional expense will be anything from $2,000 to $6,395.

Your preferences are the only thing that can determine whether or not this is a problem for you. Now, let’s take a look at some of the Quick Order Packages available for the Jeep Wrangler and the differences between each one.

Types of Quick Order Packages Available

Let’s look at the different available order packages and the total price increase that will result from selecting the package of your choice. The order package, what it includes, and how much additional money you will need to pay for each item is outlined in the table below.

Quick Order Packages Table

Package Features Extra Cost
2-W Willy’s ·         17×7.5 black aluminum wheels

·         97mph max speed calibration

·         Deep tint windows

·         Voice Command

·         Bluetooth

·         LED highlights

·         Willy’s hood decals

·         Leather-wrapped steering

2-S Sport ·         17×7.5 gloss black aluminum wheels

·         Air conditioning

·         Automatic headlamps

·         Deep tint windows

·         Remote keyless entry

·         Heated mirrors

·         Power windows

2-L Altitude ·         110mph max speed calibration

·         Altitude package

·         Anti-lock 4WD HD brakes

·         Remote keyless entry

·         Powered heated mirrors

·         Heavy-duty gas shock suspension

·         Deep tint windows

·         Black accents inside

2-K Sport ·         17×7.5 Moab black aluminum wheels

·         4WD swing gate decal

·         Anti-Lock 4WD HD brakes

·         Black grille

·         Deep tint windows

·         Mold in color bumper

·         Matte black Jeep Badge

2-J Islander ·         17×7.5 silver aluminum w2heels

·         Air conditioning

·         Air filtration system

·         Apple carplay

·         Google Android Auto

·         Deep tint windows

·         Car alarm system

·         Powered heated mirrors

·         Islander package

·         Leather-wrapped steering

2-F Freedom ·         Leather Seats

·         Leather-wrapped steering wheel

·         Powered heated mirrors

·         Remote keyless entry

·         American Flag decals

·         17×7.5 aluminum wheel

·         Deep tint windows

·         Trail rated badge (black)

·         Matte black Jeep badge

2-B No added features $0

As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to the extras that come with each package. This list only covers the primary features of each bundle; a few lesser extras were not included.

What does a Quick Order package mean?

The quick ORDER package serves as the base package for different types of automobiles. This comes with a basic AM/FM radio and a basic speaker. The extra packages include a leather-wrapped steering wheel and powered heated mirrors, with the ability to purchase more features if desired at an extra charge.


Currently, there are so many trims and packages. Within those trims is proof of the Jeep brand’s ability to appeal to a diverse customer base.

There is something available for everyone, from extreme off-road enthusiasts who don’t require much in the way of internal bells and whistles to comfort-conscious “mall crawlers” who want something that is just aesthetically pleasing.

Willy’s Jeep, the CJ, and every other model and trim level that came after it were all significant milestones in developing the Jeep brand. However, the Jeep brand has come a long way since those days.

The Jeep has managed to keep its reputation as a rough and rugged machine despite making improvements in terms of style and comfort. The Jeep was formerly known as a military vehicle and was later introduced to the general market as a utility vehicle for ranchers, farmers, and the construction industry.