How to Fix Uconnect Bluetooth Not Working [In Seconds]

The Uconnect system is a specialized function only available on some Jeep and Chrysler automobiles. Due to this function, you will have access to information and different entertainment components.

When you use the Uconnect phone component, you will be able to make calls without using your hands or use the voice activation feature.

To utilize the Uconnect phone component, you need to have a mobile phone with the Bluetooth connectivity feature. However, there are circumstances in which the Uconnect feature might not function or connect properly with your device. The causes for this could be any of several possible scenarios. I have compiled a list of several solutions to this problem.

How to Fix Uconnect Bluetooth Connection Problem

  • Use a Compatible Device: The Uconnect function is compatible with various smartphone models from LG, Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, Palm Treo, Centros, Sanyo, and Sony Ericsson. You can check to see if your smartphone is compatible with your vehicle by visiting the Uconnect website.
  • Check the Bluetooth Version to be sure it’s up to date: Only devices with a Bluetooth “Hands-free Profile” version 0.96 or above can use the Uconnect function since it was designed to only work with that specific profile. You can quickly determine whether or not your phone is compatible by checking the Bluetooth version installed on it.

However, the procedure for determining the Bluetooth version on your phone may differ from other phones. You can find the Bluetooth Version of your phone by going to the main menu of your phone and selecting “Settings.” From there, pick “Phone Information or System Information.” The Bluetooth Version of the phone should be shown here on most phones.

  • Ensure that the Bluetooth is turned On: The Bluetooth Icon can be found on the main menu of most modern smartphones. To activate Bluetooth on your phone, all you need to do is click the icon and choose the appropriate choice from the menu that appears. However, to reach the Bluetooth option on some phones, you may need to visit the settings menu first.
  • Turn on the car stereo and pair it with your device: Once you have opened the Bluetooth menu, you will need to search or scan for the devices that can be paired with your phone.

Your phone will explore the Bluetooth functionality of any nearby devices and will be able to detect the Uconnect. Now, choose the Uconnect device, and if required, enter “0000” as the default passkey to access the Uconnect function. This will allow you to use the Uconnect feature.

Lastly, press the “Menu” key on the radio. Then, choose a 4-digit pin to pair. Now, hit the pair button at the bottom, and your phone will automatically connect to Uconnect.


Uconnect may occasionally fail to connect; however, the malfunction is typically due to an issue the user can resolve. Before taking any more action, I strongly suggest you check to see if the solutions outlined above are successful.

If it still does not connect to your Bluetooth device after you have attempted using the instructions outlined above. In that case, I suggest that you try troubleshooting methods for Uconnect.

I hope this article was helpful.