How to Fix ESP Bas Light on Jeep Liberty [Easy, Practical Guide]

You are behind the wheel of a Jeep Liberty out on the open road when suddenly, the letters “ESP Bas” appear on the dashboard. You would probably be curious and want to find out the meaning of these letters and what they stand for, right?

Unfortunately, the vast majority of Jeep Liberty owners are not familiar with the ESP Bas light. Because of this, people regularly make mistakes whenever they take immediate action after noticing the ESP Bas light.


What does the ESP Bas Light mean?

We first need to understand what the ESP Bas light is, before moving on to the solution and fixing procedure.

The ESP BAS light stands for electronic stability program and brake assist system. These two systems assist you in coming to a complete stop without locking the brakes or skidding. It also helps to maintain control of your vehicle in hazardous situations. In summary, they are necessary for your safety.

The ESP Bas light is similar to the other conventional lights installed in the dashboard of a car. Whenever there is an issue with your car the warning light that flickers on and off.

In most circumstances, the ESP Bas light will not turn off until you resolve the issues listed below.

  • Electronic instability program
  • Braking system problem.

The good news is that you can turn off the ESP Bas light without much effort.

It would be in your best interest to keep in mind that you should limit the time spent behind the wheels when the light appears. As soon as you see the ESP Bas light on your dashboard, try to fix it yourself or contact any auto repair shop closest to you to schedule an appointment and fix the problem.

Why is ESP Bas Light Turned On?

Several different triggers can cause the ESP Bas light to pop up. Finding the cause of the problem will help you switch off the light successfully. If you have some fundamental knowledge of the various components of the car, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to figure out what the problem is. You can identify the problem by using a reliable diagnostic tool, like a code scanner.

The following are some of the root causes of the ESP Bas light pop-up

  1. Wheel Speed Sensor issues

The Jeep Liberty’s ESP and BAS systems measure the speed of the vehicle’s four wheels. It is the responsibility of both systems to ensure that the same rotational rate is maintained simultaneously. If there is even the slightest misalignment in the rates at which the wheels are spinning, ESP and Bas will kick in to help bring the wheels back into sync with one another, to help you regain control of the car.

However, if the wheel speed sensor on your vehicle develops a fault, both systems will not be able to perform their job. This will make the ESP Bas light appear.


Switching out the faulty wheel speed sensor should be easy. The cost of these parts is cheap, so there is no need to go into debt to get them. Therefore, replace the sensors as soon as possible. Once you’re done with the replacement, check to see if the ESP Bas light goes off. I believe it will work.

  1. Problem with the Steering Angle Sensor

Upgraded electronics and various types of sensors are now standard in modern automobiles. As a result, different car models face multiple challenges.

One of the most common issues that cause the ESP Bas light to appear, is a malfunction in the steering angle sensor. The function of the steering angle sensor is to guide the steering wheel of your Jeep Liberty in working in appropriate harmony with the wheels on the ground. This sensor ensures that your car’s wheels are moving in the right direction.

The steering angle sensor is located inside the steering rack. When there is a problem, the sensor loses contact, and the ESP Bas light will start to flicker on the dashboard. This means the sensor is not connected properly. If the light goes out, it means the contact has been re-established. When driving over rugged terrain or through areas with potholes, the ESP Base indicator lamp will activate.


  • Taking care of the sensor is a simple task. First, use an ohm-meter to examine the connections. A good reading implies that the sensor is in excellent condition. The abnormal reading suggests a faulty sensor.
  • Resetting the steering angle sensor will turn off the ESP Bas light. So, how do you go about doing that? The procedure is straightforward. Turn the Jeep Liberty’s steering wheel two times to the left and two times to the right. Then, move it back to the middle. The tire will now face forward. Hopefully, the steering angle sensor will resume regular operation. This will make the ESP Bas light switch off, allowing you to drive the vehicle safely.
  1. Bad Brake Switch

One of the potential causes of the ESP Bas light coming on in the Jeep Liberty is a faulty brake switch. Over time, brake switches typically become defective. Considering this, the manufacturers claim that they come with a warranty that lasts a lifetime.


  • Regular maintenance will help you spot a bad brake switch. It’s a simple procedure because you don’t have to remove any other parts to replace the brake switch sensor.
  • Start by determining the nature of the problem by using an OBD2 scanner. It is located right above the car’s brake pedal. Unplug the old brake switch and replace it. Then, reset the code, and you are good to go.

How to Turn Off the ESP Bas Light on Jeep Liberty

Turning off the ESP Bas light is significantly easier than turning off other warning lights. The steps are summarized below.

  • Use a code scanner to retrieve the codes from the main computer of your car.
  • Find out what causes the ESP Bas lights to turn on.
  • Take care of any essential repairs in line with the nature of the issue to turn off the ESP Bas light.

The entire repair process will usually take 2 to 3 hours. Moreover, it does not require excessive effort.


I strongly advise you to avoid driving your Jeep Liberty while the ESP Bas light is on. It would be best to investigate the cause on your own or take your car to the repair shop as soon as possible. After reading this article on how to fix the ESP Bas light on a Jeep Liberty, I believe you now know the reason behind it and will take the necessary steps to prevent it and any related problems.