Honda Foreman 450 ATV Review, Specs and Features

Honda Foreman 450 ATV Review, Specs and Features

The Honda Foreman 450 can handle it all, from Freezing temperatures, winter conditions, dusty ranch duty, and massive mud bogs, because of its relentless nature. Given that many consider it to be one of the best ATVs ever produced, it would be fascinating to see what else it is capable of.

The Honda Foreman 450 is recognized as one of the most dependable utility ATVs. It remains a popular choice for recreational trail riders, farmers, and premium customers because it is dependable and uncompromising.

This all-terrain vehicle’s attraction includes an efficient fuel supply, low maintenance, and better ergonomics. As you read this article, it will help you decide if the Honda Foreman 450 is the ideal quad for you.

Honda Foreman 450: Overview

Honda Motor Company Ltd., the creator of the Honda Foreman 450, is a global leader in mobility, robotics, artificial intelligence, and energy solutions. Since its inception in 1946 by Soichiro Honda, the firm has produced a wide range of general-purpose engines, high-end vehicles, and power equipment. It has also been the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, and it currently leads in the production of commuting models and fun-to-ride dynamic racing models.

The Honda Foreman 450 is a high-performance ATV that was introduced in 1998 and remained in production till 2004. It was known as Honda’s leading and most powerful ATV. It was available in two models: the electric-shift Honda Foreman 450 ES and the manual-shift Honda Foreman 450 S. With the market progressively drawn to automatic transmissions, ATV Magazine named the Honda Foreman 450 ES— ATV of the Year the same year it debuted.

This multi-purpose vehicle performs various tasks more efficiently, from banana plantations to pig farms to golf courses. It is dependable and is utilized on bumpy roads, sandhills, wooded paths, muddy fields, and river crossings. Some ATV enthusiasts believe it outperforms both the Yamaha Grizzly and the Polaris Sportsman.

 Honda Foreman 450: Features and Specifications


It is propelled by a four-stroke, air-cooled single-cylinder OHV engine positioned longitudinally, which aids in weight reduction. It features a bore diameter of 90 mm and a stroke diameter of 68 mm. Its Keihin carburetor delivers 433 cubic centimeters of engine displacement, and the compression ratio is 8:5:1. The fuel tank has a capacity of 3.2 gallons/12.1 liters.


It features an electric/pull starter mechanism and an electronic Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI).


This ATV’s five-speed transmission with reverse gear and Electronic Shift Program (ESP) makes it a pleasure to operate. Instead of a foot-shift lever, two handlebar-mounted buttons allow riders to shift with the push of a button.


The front brakes feature dual-sealed hydraulic drums, while the rear brakes are single-sealed mechanical drums. If you need to rebuild your front brakes, there are Complete Front Brake Rebuild Kit online that have everything you need, from wheel cylinders and grooved brake shoes to hardware.


The independent double-wishbone front suspension has vertical upper and lower control arms that enhance the negative. It delivers improved stability and reliable wheel alignment by enabling 5.9 inches of travel. The swing arm rear suspension has a steel finish and two shock absorbers that enable 5.9 inches of travel – ideal for demanding work or towing.


It makes no difference whether you store your quad outside or in the garage because it is made of a steel frame and a plastic body material that is robust, light, and easy to clean. It also has full floors, which is a great safety feature.


It measures 77.28 inches in length and 45.3 inches in width. It is 45 inches tall and has a ground clearance of 7.7 inches. The seat is 33.6 inches high. The dry weight is 595 pounds, while the GVWR (a combination of curb weight, passengers, and cargo) can reach 1,102 pounds. Its 11.5-foot turning radius ensures excellent handling.


The front wheels are Dunlop® 25 X 8-12 tires, while the rear wheels use Dunlop® 25 X 10-12 tires. The wheelbase of the vehicle is 50.2 inches.


This unique mechanical design allows the driver to select between lighter steering (2WD) and maximizing available traction (4WD).


Multi-reflector lenses are used in all three lights—a 45-watt handlebar light and two lights installed on the front fenders—for better light dispersion.

 Honda Foreman 450: Pros and Cons


One thing that enthusiasts love about this car is that it has manual transmission and ESP. They also love the thumb shifter on the Foreman. It’s worth noting that Honda didn’t forego functionality in favor of convenience in this model.

With this sports ATV, you don’t have to touch the brakes to go down long, steep hills. It also has enough power to climb hills and is probably one of the strongest ATVs, with a motor and body that can take a bullet.

The Foreman 450 will need very little maintenance and repairs if properly maintained. You might see a few scratches on the body, but that’s usually the worst that would happen. It never gives up when facing mud holes or narrow, winding paths.

Even if you leave it outside your garage overnight in the winter, it is easy to start in cold climate. The seats are just the right height, and you don’t have to compress the shocks to make it short enough to ride under things like fallen trees or obstacles.


Purchasing used versions can be problematic. Veteran drivers recommend changing all seals and bearings to guarantee that water does not get through and fill the axle tube. Otherwise, the splines on the rear axle will rust.

Water and dirt can also cause rear brakes to seize up. If these aren’t operating properly, the brakes should be cleaned or replaced.

Since the Honda Foreman 450 is very durable, it is also prone to misuse without enough care, resulting in part or function breakdowns. Some instances include a broken speedometer, a quad that won’t shift out of reverse while running, top-end noise, and an oil leak.

Even if it is easy to replace Honda Foreman 450 parts or repair these issues, it might become inconvenient if they occur frequently.

Cost of the Honda Foreman 450

Its 2004 model cost $5,999. Depending on whether the quad is stock or customized, prices range from $1,250 to $6,000. If the quad is in mint condition, it should cost no more than $2,000.

Farm auctions sell 2000–2004 thumpers at low prices. Trader sites may sell earlier models cheaper. These quads are either overworked or missing pieces.

Check the left rear wheel, rear brakes, transmission, and speedometer before buying a Foreman 450. When buying used, 1999 models have a lot of issues, so be extra cautious.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it expensive to rebuild a Honda Foreman 450?

Most of the time, the cost of rebuilding depends on what part you want to modify, where you buy it, and whether you want original or aftermarket parts. Online, you can find many good deals on parts that aren’t too expensive and will make your quad a beast.

How do I know if a Foreman 450 has been beaten up hard based on mileage?

If you want to know how it was used before, divide the total distance by the total hours. Quads with moderate to high mileage and suitable hours are more appealing. By doing this, you would also know for sure that your Foreman wasn’t a mud duck in a past life.

What is the high mileage for Honda Foreman 450?

For the most part, 8,000 miles is now a high mileage for the Foreman 450. There are, of course, well-cared-for brutes with up to 25,000 miles on the clock that run even better than newer models.

 What is the top speed for a Honda Foreman 450?

Forums say that the top speed of a Foreman 450 on asphalt is between 40 and 45 mph. You can reach 55 mph when going downhill. Top speed depends on a lot of things, like how flat the road is, if it’s dirt or pavement, which way the wind is blowing, and if your bike has a rev limiter. Putting in a jet kit and shortening the length of the pipe can give you about 4 mph more speed.

How much weight can a Honda Foreman 450 pull?

The Foreman can haul or tow up to 850 pounds. It can carry up to 133 pounds on its front rack and 66 pounds on its rear rack. This means it can be used as a pack mule when you want to carry a heavy load.

What size battery does a Honda Foreman 450 have?

The correct size battery for a Foreman 450 is 6 inches long, 3.44 inches wide, and 5.75 inches tall (not including wire harness and mounting accessories). The battery is shock-resistant, rechargeable, and portable.

What oil does a Honda Foreman 450 take?

To fill it up, you should only need three quarts of Honda Pro GN4 10W-40 four-stroke motorbike oil.


The Honda Foreman 450 is one of the best ATVs built by Honda since four-wheelers were introduced into the sports racing arena. It resells well in mint condition and can outperform greater cc competitors. It is a hardworking beast, but it can be surprisingly pleasurable when utilized for slow trail rides. If you’re searching for a quad that can be used for fieldwork and off-road fun, the Honda Foreman 450 is ideal!