Honda CRF 150 Dirt Bike (Top Speed Review, Specs, and Features)

The Honda CRF150 is an amazing off-road adventure bike. But is it worth it to buy this bike? What sets this bike apart from the other options that are available in the market? This article will properly dissect this topic, with a review of the top speed, specs, and features of the Honda CRF 150.

The Honda CRF150L is more than just an off-road racer; it has the speed and agility to participate in the dirt-bike category. It features a 149cc liquid-cooled engine with a Unicam valvetrain. This motocrosser features a 5-speed transmission and weighs approximately 185 pounds, making it a light and well-balanced machine.

The Honda CRF150 is packed with features. So, without further ado, let us dive into a comprehensive review of the Honda CRF150.


Honda CRF150 Overview

The CRF150 model is a Motocross Class Bike manufactured by Honda. This motorbike is powered by a 149cc four-stroke, water-cooled engine. The robust engine and balanced weight will give you tremendous power and remarkable control when riding.

The Honda CRF 150, popularly known as the XR series’ successor, was introduced in 2003. It’s a bike for intermediate to advanced riders, whether teenagers or adults. The production lasted till 2017. However, Honda revived this mid-sized dirt bike in mid-2022, after the short break.

Despite the fact that the design remained unchanged until 2005, Honda revamped the bike in 2006 with a more powerful engine. However, the most significant enhancements are in the 2022 variants.

Honda CRF 150 Specs and Features

The Honda CRF 150 is equipped with a plethora of unique features, which has contributed to the reputation of this bike among riders of all ages.


The 4-stroke Unicam engine used in the Honda CRF150 is a scaled-down version of the one in the larger CRF450R. It comes with a standard Keihin 32mm flat slide carburetor, an accelerator pump, a throttle position sensor, and a 149cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine. It has a compression ratio of 11.7:1, and a capacity for 7.2 liters of fuel. In addition, the dimension of the bore is 66.0 mm, and the dimension of the stroke is 43.7 mm.


The CRF150 utilizes a CDI ignition technology that is solid-state based. This suggests that the capacitor might reach its maximum capacity in as little as one millisecond.


The power is delivered via a five-speed manual gearbox paired with a 420 O-ring-sealed chain that has a ratio of 13T/48T. This means you will never run out of power.


The Honda CFR150 achieved precise and flawless brake performance throughout the tests. The dual-disc braking system is the reason for this. The front brake is a single disc measuring 220 mm, while the rear brake is 190 mm and a single disc.


The suspension system of Honda dirt bikes is well-known and respected. The front suspension is equipped with a Showa 37 mm leading-axle cartridge fork, which makes it possible for the front tire to travel 10.8 inches.

This unique bike comes with a fully adjustable Pro-Link single-shock suspension with a travel distance of 10.7 inches. When compared to other bikes, the suspension travel is very remarkable. Even if the road is rough, you shouldn’t have trouble controlling the bike.


When searching for sports/dirt and adventure off-road bikes, mileage is frequently overlooked. But the mileage can be a deal breaker for many riders. To my astonishment, the CRF 150 could travel a mile of 40 km per liter, which is impressive for a fast adventure bike.


The length of the 2021 Honda CRF 150 is 72.1 inches, and its width is 39.0 inches. It has a height of 44.6 inches, and its length is 44.6 inches. The wheelbase measures 49.6 inches, and the seat height is 32.8 inches. The clearance from the ground is 11.9 inches, and the curb weight is approximately 185 pounds.


It has a chassis created specifically for racing tracks and is constructed of a high-strength steel framework that is exceptionally lightweight. Therefore, riding this bike will be as easy as drinking a cup of water.


There is no room for compromise when designing dirt bike tires, and Honda made sure that the CRF150 had everything required. It has front tires measuring 70/100-17 Dunlop MX51 and rear tires measuring 90/100-14 Dunlop MX51. Furthermore, the front spoke rim measures 17 inches, while the rear spoke rim measures 14 inches.

Honda CRF 150 Max Speed

One of the most striking features of this bike is its horsepower. The power output is 23.8 horsepower at 12500 rpm, and the torque output is 14.10 Nm at 10000 pm. The high-performance Unicam engine allowed us to reach a top speed of 66 miles per hour when I ran it in its standard configuration on my raw test.

When it comes to increasing the top speed of any bike, the sprocket is always one of the most important components. This motocrosser has a front sprocket with 15 teeth and a rear sprocket with 50 teeth. These sprockets offer additional push to the engine, which results in rapid speed and smooth acceleration.

How to Improve the Honda CRF 150 Top Speed

The vast majority of elite riders are dissatisfied with the speed of their bikes and want to improve it more. If you fall into this category and are interested in increasing the top speed of your Honda CRF 150, Continue reading!

  1. Get a better Suspension

A smooth suspension also means faster speed for the CFR150. First, you must get a shock absorber suitable for your height and riding style.  If you are an adult, you will probably need firm fork springs and a stronger rear differential spring.

Then, adjust the sag to the required level to achieve the riding height. After that, you have to swap out the clickers and adjust the oil’s height and weight. You will notice that the bike has increased speed and power as soon as you finish fixing the suspension.

  1. Remove the Snorkel

You will need to make a few modifications to your CRF 150 to achieve your desired boost in speed. The removal of the snorkel is an example of such modifications. The snorkel lid is in the default airbox. This is to help prevent contaminants such as dust and moisture from entering. It also restricts the amount of air that can enter.

Therefore, if you remove this snorkel cover, it will allow more air to enter the tube. Consequently, the potential for even more power is increased.

  1. Install Pilot Jet

Install a 42 or 45-pilot jetting for your CRF150. The jetting of your dirt bike is very important in determining how it rides.

If your 150R is challenging to start when it is cold or if it has a clog at lower RPM, the pilot jet is probably too lean. Upgrading from a 38 OEM pilot jet to a 42 or 45 is a common solution. You will experience a remarkable increase in throttle response and quicker starts, and an increase in throttle response results in an increase in power.

  1. Change the Camshaft

Replacing a camshaft is a complicated task, and you should have an adequate understanding before doing it on the CRF 150. The standard cam is small and slow, making it perfect for lengthy trips.

However, there is a more significant potential when a proper cam is combined with an appropriately sized engine and carb. I recommend using Web Racing Cams to increase the speed.

  1. Exhaust System

An aftermarket exhaust system as a whole is the next step-up in terms of efficiency. Not only will it have a nicer sound once adequately jetted, but it will also have more power and better responsiveness from the throttle when it is driven.

A Pro Circuit exhaust system, a Big Gun, and a few others are among the best aftermarket exhaust systems installed on a Honda CRF 150. These exhaust systems have a reasonable pricing structure and are of high quality. They also deliver a performance boost that is superior to that of the factory exhaust.

Honda CRF 150 Pros and Cons

Is the Honda CRF 150 the best possible bike, free from all flaws? Technically speaking, that is not achievable for any bike; therefore, it ought to have some limitations. Reviewing the pros and cons of this bike will help you decide whether or not it is the right choice for you.


  • Increased Ground Clearance: You would probably want to do wheelies and perform stunts when riding a dirt bike, which is perfectly suited for those activities. This is possible because of the vehicle’s high ground clearance. This bike has such a high ground clearance that it enables the rider to leap from elevated positions.
  • Better Suspension Travel: The front and rear have a good travel suspension, with the front having 10.8 inches and the rear having 10.7 inches. The CRF 150 has a smooth suspension and travel that will make your ride comfortable regardless of the type of rough roads you are traveling on.
  • Unique Design: The design of a dirt bike is largely neglected. However, appearances matter and I adore the Honda CRF 150’s design. It is available in multiple colors, with red and black being the most popular. This color combination complements the bike’s aggressive style.


  • A Big Bore: Even though I enjoyed riding this bike, the bore length is big compared to other 150cc bikes. This means first-time riders who are used to riding a compact motorbike may struggle with the CRF 150.
  • High Saddle Height: The saddle is quite high and is nonadjustable. As a result, if you are a rider of small stature, this bike is not for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the height and weight of Honda CRF 150?

Depending on the model, the height ranges from 44.6-46.1 inches, and the weight ranges from 185-187 lbs.

How tall is a big CRF150F wheel?

The seat height of the CRF big wheel is 32.8 inches, and the wheelbase is 52.3 inches.

How many gears does a CRF150F have?

The CRF 150F is a five-speed manual gearbox bike with five gears.

What’s the difference between CFR150R and CFR150F?

They are both bike variations of the same model. The sole distinction is in the design language, with the CFR150F being a trail bike and the CFR150R being a motocross bike.

Is a Honda CFR150R a 4 stroke?

The Honda CFR150R is powered by a 149cc 4-stroke engine.

How much does a CFR 150 Cost?

In brand new condition, the 2021 model should cost around $5000–$5200. However, there are older models in the $3000–$4000 price range.


The Honda CRF 150 has been on the market for the past 19 years. If your bike is propelled by a robust four-stroke Unicam engine, you will never lack power.

This bike stands out from the crowd because of its sturdy frame, aggressive aesthetics, and one-of-a-kind features; as a result, it is a popular option for both novice and experienced motocross riders.