Honda CR125 Review (Dirt Bike Top Speed, Specs and Features)

The CR125 model was one of the first ones Honda produced. Back in those days, it was an enormous success. People went bonkers for this specific model since it had performance and design characteristics that were unmatched by any other motorbike produced during that time.

The CR125 could effortlessly attain Its maximum speed of 120 km/h. It featured numerous brand-new characteristics, such as an enhanced engine, an eye-catching exterior, and a massive drivetrain capable of producing enormous power. The incredible build quality drew the attention of the masses at the time, making it so popular.

The most remarkable thing about the CR125 is that it has gained popularity due to its steady performance and longevity. The appearance also played a key role in making it stand out from its competition.


The Honda CR125 Overview

The Honda CR125 is, without a doubt, one of the most well-known bikes ever produced. This model’s engine is small but more powerful than most other engines when competing on the track.

This engine needs a constantly ready rider to be quick on the draw to get the most out of it. The most effective approach to take advantage of the mid-and-up powerband is to shift from gear to gear.

Versions produced after 2000 came with all the bushings and fasteners required for the bodywork: from the outer case bolts to the brake hardware, the washers for the drain plugs, not to mention a few exclusive thread chasers. The expansion chamber O-rings, chassis, and wheel hardware all contribute to its stunning chic appearance, and the finishing appears to be done to a high standard.

The bike has excellent suspension and handling, in addition to being very light. The quality of the engine is only the cherry on top of the cake.

The bike was designed to handle tough terrains. The level of control that was provided by this motorbike is unparalleled. It’s a real shame that future generations won’t have the opportunity to ride the Honda bike with the most advanced handling features; because it would be awesome to test that out!

Honda CR125 Specs and Features

The CR125 is a superb motorbike introduced by Honda at a very affordable price. The Chassis is of a relatively excellent grade. All of these factors, in addition to the outstanding reputation that Honda has earned over the years for the reliability of its products, helped boost the sales.

People who had a thing for older models enjoyed having it as part of their collection because the 2007 model came equipped with fantastic features and brand-new components, which together turned it into a very sturdy dirt bike.


The CR125 has a 125-cc engine. This engine has a displacement of 7.8 cubic inches. This engine may appear small to modern riders, but it can easily propel the entire bike.

This model had a single-cylinder, two-stroke engine. It was also more efficient due to a unique liquid-cooled engine feature.


The CDI ignition system is unique to the CR125. It’s essentially a computerized ignition system with 3D mapping capabilities. This system is completely transistorized, which means it relies entirely on electronics.


The brand-new CR125 has lived up to the expectations. And it was all made possible by the excellent build quality.

The power of this beast is delivered via a four-speed transmission. There is also a working chain drive that enhances its performance.


The structure of this dirt bike is one of the key reasons it is so comfy. The 2022 model has a 48-inch wheelbase. The seat is also the correct height, measuring around 29.1 inches.

Another outstanding feature of this model is its adequate ground clearance, which measures approximately 8.3 inches.


The CR125 is a compact, low-displacement motorbike. Dirt bike enthusiasts are usually looking for a responsive and maneuverable bike.

Honda’s design of this amazing bike was impeccable. The compact structure and lightweight design contributed to its actual individuality.


The CR125’s tires are astonishingly strong and long-lasting. The rims on the front tires of the ’83 model were 90/80-21, while the rear ones were 130/80-18. A structured design of this nature is very important for dirt bikes like the CR125 because they need to withstand harsh conditions.

Honda CR125 Max Speed

Honda’s CR125 is an impressively designed motocross bike. The CR125 weighs roughly 200 pounds on average.

Furthermore, this bike has only one cylinder, which is sufficient for its two-stroke engine. The huge power produced by this bike’s engine efficiently reaches its maximum peak output. The CR125 variant can easily reach a top speed of 120.0 km/h (74.6 mph).

How to Improve the CR125 Top Speed

The overall speed of a bike depends on a lot of variables. These variables are equally important in selecting the speed of the bike. You can also adjust any specific variable to get better output from the bike.

Some of the methods for increasing the top speed of the CR125 are discussed below:

  1. Reduce Weight

Excess weight can often cause a lag in a vehicle’s overall performance, which is undoubtedly one of the key elements contributing to a decline in top speed and mileage on your bike. For example, a lightweight rider on this bike can easily reach a higher top speed than a heavier rider.

Pulling the extra weight consumes a certain amount of strength. So, an ideal recommendation would be to get rid of heavy components of the bike that aren’t important, as this will help you increase the performance of your bike on the road.

  1. Tuning the Carburetor

Carburetor-equipped bikes are user-friendly and significantly more convenient to tune to the rider’s specific tastes. The results are more impressive than other bikes and also less bumpy. You can also get pre-tuned carburetors that are suitable for your bike on the market.

After a properly functioning exhaust system and air filter have been installed, the carburetor will function to its fullest potential. There are even some of these mods that improve the overall performance of your engine. However, this is not the case with bikes that are beginner models.

  1. Air Filters

Using the best air filter for your bike is the best way to improve its performance. Additionally, these extensions are relatively cheap. It aids in supplying the engine with additional air and guarantees optimal fuel combustion, which results in more power generation.

  1. Gearing

Adjusting the gearing is another way to increase the top speed of a bike. A good combination of the sprockets can give you excellent top speed and faster acceleration. Increasing the number of teeth will undoubtedly make a significant difference.

A visible rear sprocket will lead to faster acceleration. This is also possible if you use a smaller front sprocket. Doing it the other way around will concentrate on top speed. It’s important to realize that none of this will increase the engine’s power output; however, it will change how the power is utilized while riding.

Pros and Cons of Honda CR125

We need to take into account all of the desirable aspects as well as the undesirable aspects when discussing a topic. Although, at first glance, the CR125 could appear to be an excellently crafted bike, but there are a few things about this bike’s specifications that could be improved upon.


  • Suspension: CR125 bikes have a suspension system that is very smooth and well-suited to the overall purpose of the bike. The functionality of this motorbike is very easy to understand and calls for the use of suitable suspension. In addition to that, the suspension system that comes with this bike is one of a kind. It can accommodate riders of varying styles.
  • Ergonomics: It would be remiss of us not to include the handlebar structure when we are discussing CR125’s most appealing features. The handlebar has exactly the right amount of flex in it.
  • Reliability: The design of the CR125 is very solid and offers a good degree of dependability. If you take good care of them, they should be able to last for at least two seasons without any problems.
  • Components: With the CR125, Honda has incorporated a distinctive and brand-new clutch perch as well as a set of aluminum handlebars. Both utilities have contributed to the bike’s improved performance. It’s difficult to complain about Honda’s products because they’ve always given the best, even to this day. Furthermore, the footpegs are perfectly positioned. This current edition of the CR125 has a significantly superior seat to prior models. You’ll also notice that all the bolts are properly sized.


The Engine: The unfortunate development for Honda is that a significant percentage of their resources have been allocated to the process of refining the engine designs for the 2004 model.

To tell you the truth, the reason for this is that using mods on any earlier method does not produce desirable results. What they could have done instead is start over with a blank sheet of paper and construct a new design from the ground up.

Rear brake: The brake draggers on the CR125 aren’t of exceptional quality, which is another element that could be considered a drawback in this model. They have a propensity to cause the rear brake to overheat, which can lead to the warping of the tires and, potentially, the failure of the brakes. On the other hand, if you don’t intend to drive aggressively, you wouldn’t be bothered by this.

Grips: Honda is well-known for the high quality of its grips. Recently, though, they’ve managed to compromise on quality and even run the risk of shredding hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the height and weight of CR125?

The height of the CR125 is 1,278 mm, approximately 50.3 inches. The height of the seat is about 947 mm. That equals approximately 37.3 inches. It is not very tall and can be driven without difficulty due to its size. The unloaded weight of this bike is quite close to the 150-pound mark.

How much HP does a CR125 have?

The Honda CR125 boasts a robust drivetrain that enables it to generate an incredible amount of power. It is capable of producing approximately 31 HP, which is nearly equivalent to 22.6 kW. This amount of energy can be used to generate a speed of around 11,000 RPM.

How fast is a Honda CR125?

The engine in the Honda CR125 is a monster capable of generating an incredible amount of power. Given the enormous power that is produced by this drivetrain, the Honda CR125 is capable of reaching its maximum speed of 120.0 km/h easily.

Is a CR125 a 2 stroke?

Yes, The CR125 is a two-stroke motorbike.  When Honda first released the CR125 in 1973, the maximum speed of this motorcycle was sixty miles per hour. It has always had a two-stroke engine.

How much does a CR125 cost?

The 2022 Honda CR125 has a starting price of approximately $3,649 (USD). However, if other costs, such as freight surcharges, the destination charge, and other related costs, are added to the base price, the total price might end up being close to $4,000.


The CR125 is not only utilized for dirt bike racing. These bikes are also utilized on a daily basis. Since it has a very high top speed, it can be used to travel to far regions in much less time.

Even if you aren’t a dirt bike racer, you should consider purchasing a Honda CR125 and testing it yourself!