5 Common Problems with Hisun UTV + Remedy

HISUN MOTORS has been a successful player in the automobile industry for more than 25 years, and the company offers consumers a comprehensive lineup of high-caliber motorcycles, ATVs, and UTVs.

If you are unfamiliar with UTVs, Hisun UTV collections may be the best option because Hisun produces mid-range and decent-quality vehicles with all of the features most UTV users seek.

The Hisun UTV models, however, have been the subject of complaints from customers due to a few common troubleshooting issues.

As a result, I have decided to discuss 5 common issues that are the most frequent and could arise with any of the Hisun UTV models.

Common Problems in the Hisun UTVs

  1. Hard Starting or Engine Starting Difficulty

Some of the Hisun UTV models could have issues with starting—Like starting slowly, or not starting at all.

It is also a very common problem that can occur with some models of UTV, regardless of the band, and there are several possible causes for the inability of the engine to start.

Your vehicle will constantly starve for the proper fuel flow in the system; if there is insufficient or no fuel flow, the engine will fail to start.

In such a scenario, you should instantly check the entire fuel system and pay attention to each of the primary components, including the fuel tank, the filter, the electric fuel pump, and the injector.

You should also examine the ECU motor scan and replace any broken or clogged parts that enable the fuel to run accurately and the engine to run properly.

Another major factor that inhibits the engine from turning over as quickly as it should is a weak, damaged, or broken battery.

The presence of water in the fuel system could also contribute to these kinds of problems; it is important to check for water in the fuel system.

Several users have reported that they experienced this phenomenon more frequently in the winter. This is primarily due to the fact that, in the winter, the oil viscosity increases significantly while slowing the engine revolution.

This issue can be remedied by selecting oils with varying viscosities, which should be done with reference to the temperature of the surrounding environment.

  1. Overheating Issues

Several Hisun UTV owners have complained about the regular engine and exhaust system overheating problems.

This problem has mostly been reported in Hisun UTV’s earlier models, such as the 2011 and 2012 models.

The cause of the engine overheating could be either an excessive load on the engine or a lack of adequate coolant in the system. This can also occur if the motor-driven fan does not spin due to a blown fuse or an electrical problem.

Installing dual fans will help cool the engine and wrap the exhaust to prevent overheating.

Dirty radiator and grille screens can further increase the risk of overheating.

If so, remove any waste or debris, adjust the hood compartment, and slightly adjust the radiator front cooler.

  1. Inadequate Power on Engine

On a fairly regular basis, many customers report that the engines in their Hisun UTVs have either inadequate or insufficient power.

There could be various causes for the engine’s lack of power, such as limited fuel in the tank, clogged filters, or blocked injectors.

In that case, ensure you have adequate fuel in your tank, and if the injectors or filters are clogged, clean or replace them.

It can also happen if your crankshaft sensor fails or your air cleaner becomes clogged.

Another important area to examine is the ignition system when you experience a problem with your vehicle losing power. Carefully inspect your spark plugs and ignition coil to ensure they are in good shape.

If there is a problem, replace the defective parts.

  1. Engine Stalls or Sudden Stops

It’s also possible that your engine could stall, or you wake up one morning to find that it stopped unexpectedly without any warning. These are also very common problems that can arise with any type of vehicle.

One Hisun 700 UTV model owner stated that his first impressions of the vehicle were positive, and he was pleased with its overall performance.

When he started using it again after the winter storage break, he discovered that the car was frequently stalling and dying, and it only started when it was in prime condition. Every time, it would ultimately die after a few seconds.

This problem can occur if the fuel cannot maintain appropriate pressure or if there is insufficient fuel level.

It could also result from a malfunctioning or damaged fuel tank and injector.

The harnesses should also be checked because malfunctioning harnesses can cause problems.

There is also the possibility that one of the electrical components failed or that the battery was defective.

Check the motor scan KF90121 for abrupt stops and, if necessary, replace the ECU.

  1. Sticky Transmission, Rear Differential Bolts Loose & Lack of Dampeners on Suspension

Another commonly cited concern many customers have encountered is observing a sticky transmission, loose rear differential nuts, or a lack of dampeners in the suspension, creating minor issues.

When the transmission filters become clogged, the transmission fuel pump works harder to extract the transmission fluid, resulting in sticky transmission.

Other faults might arise as a result of aggressive and extensive use of the UTV vehicle without sufficient maintenance care, such as loose bolts on the rear differentials, and suspension lacking the required dampeners.

What Do Most Users Feel About Hisun UTVs?

Most previous and current owners of Hisun UTVs agree that these UTV models are ideal for individuals just starting out in the industry. Especially those interested in purchasing a high-quality automobile within a price range that is still extremely reasonable.

I also found out that most people who own Hisun UTVs are pleased with their choice and claim that Hisun UTVs are an investment worthy of giving it a shot at least once. Some people have even asserted that Hisun all-terrain vehicles (UTVs) more than justify their modest price tag.

A few individuals also reported that Hisun UTVs have outstanding engine braking capabilities.

When asked about the comfort level, most users mentioned that the Hisun UTV undoubtedly stands out as a better value at a reasonable price. They also stated that the acceleration quality is superb, even at lower RPMs.

Assertions have been made that certain Hisun UTV engines have a little lower capacity and propensity to push at higher revs. The fact that these UTVs do not have a park on their CVT has also been brought up as a complaint by several owners.


The Hisun Motors Corp asserts that it employs a fully committed crew involved in the production process from the very bare stage up to the very last finishing stage to guarantee the highest possible quality before the product leaves the plant.

In addition, their research and development, and quality assurance teams are constantly looking for new ways to improve each product line’s quality and performance level. This ensures that customers only receive the highest quality product. However, these limits still exist, and as a result, any Hisun utility vehicle (UTV) may have the drawbacks outlined earlier.